Toni (Antonia) Re Qua


Hometown: Hamlin, NY

Graduating Year: 2017

My favorite food: Sushi

My dream job would be: Psychiatric Nurse

What I like to do in my free time: Listen to music, watch Netflix, and read

Why did you choose Daemen?

I come from a small town so the small community feel of the school was comforting.

What activities are you involved in on campus?

I am involved in research with the chair of the Psychology Department and I am part of the Psychological Science Student Association.

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

Take changes and go after what you really want in your heart, no matter what it takes.

How has Daemen changed/shaped your life?

I have grown so much as a person. I am more confident and have developed connections that will help me in the future.

Something I wish more people knew about Daemen is...

It really feels like home! It's not just a college.

My favorite thing to do in Buffalo is...

Go to Canalside in the winter and go ice skating.