Special Interest Clubs

African Student Association

President: Fatoumata Gassama fgassama@daemen.edu
Vice President: Eferhire Akpovwa eferhire.akpovwa@daemen.edu
Moderator: Joseph Sankoh jsankoh@daemen.edu

(updated 9/27/13)

Anime Club

President: Maurice Brown II  mbrown2@daemen.edu
Vice President: Joshua Klaver joshua.klaver@daemen.edu
Moderator: Robert Cianciosa rciancio@daemen.edu

(updated 9/9/13)

Black Student Union 

President: Brittany Scott brittany.scott@daemen.edu
Vice President: Jennifer Ulysse julysse@daemen.edu
Moderator: Adriane Williams awilliam@daemen.edu

(updated 9/10/13)

Brother to Brother (inactive)

Moderator: Frank Williams fwilliam@daemen.edu

(updated 4/2/13)


Captain: Shannon Irish shannon.irish@daemen.edu
Coach:  Jessica Szpylman jess@wildallstars.com

(updated 9/27/13)

Chinese Culture Club

President: Ye Wang ye.wang@daemen.edu
Vice President: Lingxiao Wang lingxiao.wang@daemen.edu
Vice President: Chunyan Yang chunyan.yang@daemen.edu
Moderator: Sharlene Buszka sbuszka@daemen.edu
Moderator: Blake Thurman  bthurman@daemen.edu
Moderator: Maureen Millane  maureen.millane@daemen.edu

(updated 2/4/14)

Creative Minds

President: Alphonso Walker Jr awalker@daemen.edu
Moderator: Robert Waterhouse rwaterho@daemen.edu

(updated 10/8/13)


Tri President: Ornella Rogers ornella.rogers@daemen.edu
Tri President: Taylor Jamison taylor.jamison@daemen.edu
Moderator: Beatrice Slick bslick@daemen.edu

(updated 4/11/14)

Dance Club

President: Rachel Mazur rachel.mazur@daemen.edu
Vice President: Yolanda Stewart-Jones yolanda.stewartjones@daemen.edu
Moderator:  Robert Waterhouse rwaterho@daemen.edu

(updated 7/12/13)

Drama Club (inactive)

Moderator: Christian Brandjes cbrande@daemen.edu


Co-President: Gino Cammilleri gino.cammilleri@daemen.edu
Co-President: Joseph Colasurdo joseph.colasurdo@daemen.edu
Vice President: Colleen McCarthy colleen.mccarthy@daemen.edu
Moderator: Linda Kuechler lkuechle@daemen.edu

(updated 3/3/14)

Environmental Club

President: Sarah Carpenter sarah.carpenter@daemen.edu
Vice President: 
Moderator: Brenda Young byoung@daemen.edu
WEBSITE:  www.facebook.com/DCSustainability

 (updated 10/11/13)

Ice Hockey Club

President: Kyle Flierl  kyle.flierl@daemen.edu
Vice President: Nick Kinmartin nick.kinmartin@daemen.edu
Moderator: Karl Terryberry kterrybe@daemen.edu

(updated 11/23/13)


Lacrosse Club (womens)

President: Jenna Winiewicz jenna.winiewicz@daemen.edu 
Vice President: BrookeVancoughnett brooke.vancoughnett@daemen.edu  
Jessica Gorski jgorski1@daemen.edu  
Karen Roehling kroehlin@daemen.edu  
Kathleen DiPasquale kdipasq1@daemen.edu
Robert Mills rmills@daemen.edu

(updated 8/19/14)


Music Club 

President: McKinley Estime mckinley.estime@daemen.edu
Vice President: Samantha Illacqua samantha.illacqua@daemen.edu
Moderator: Jeremy Hall jhall@daemen.edu 

(updated 3/31/14)

Multi-Cultural Association

President: Christianna Adams christianna.adams@daemen.edu
Vice President: Ellen Banks ellen.banks1@daemen.edu
Moderator: Malcolm Hicks mhicks1@daemen.edu
Moderator: Beverly Weeks bweeks@daemen.edu

(updated 7/1/13)

Muslim Student Association

Moderator: Cassandra Salter-Smith csalters@daemen.edu

(updated 12/3/13)

Pride Alliance

President: Lisa Collier lisa.collier@daemen.edu
Vice President: Mariah Wassel mariah.wassel@daemen.edu
Moderator: Jill Cole jcole@daemen.edu
Moderator: Walter Gordon wgordon@daemen.edu
Moderator: Margaret Phillips mphillip@daemen.edu

(updated 9/27/13)

Roller Hockey Club

Captain: Andrew Tonsoline andrew.tonsoline@daemen.edu
Moderator: Ken Stephens kstephe2@daemen.edu

(updated 11/26/13)

Sister To Sister 

President: Keyla Marte keyla.marte@daemen.edu
Vice President: Briana Reid briana.reid@daemen.edu
Moderator: Sabrina Fennell sfennell@daemen.edu
Moderator: Yolanda Morris ymorris@daemen.edu
Moderator: Adriane Williams awilliam@daemen.edu

(Updated 7/30/14)

Ski Club

President: Sarah Mang sarah.mang@daemen.edu
Moderator: Sabrina Fennell sfennell@daemen.edu

(updated 10/8/13)

Step Team (DCS)

Captain: Michelle Jimenez michelle.jimenez@daemen.edu
Co-Captain: Jinell Webb jinell.webb@daemen.edu
Moderator: Damian Desbordes ddesbord@daemen.edu

(updated 2/3/14)

Student Veterans Alliance 

President: Lucky Prak luckyanson.prak@daemen.edu
Vice President: 
Moderator: Mike Brogan  mbrogan@daemen.edu

(updated 2/10/14)

Students Without Borders

President: Dominic Cianfrini dominic.cianfrini@daemen.edu
Vice President: Brittany Crawford brittany.crawford@daemen.edu
Moderator: Allyson Kirk akirk@daemen.edu
Moderator: Gregg Shutts gshutts@daemen.edu

(update 2/26/13)

Ultimate Frisbee

President: James Martin james.martin@daemen.edu
Vice President: Joseph Colasurdo joseph.colasurdo@daemen.edu
Moderator: Jon Good jgood@daemen.edu

(updated 11/26/13)

Voices of Zion

President: Tracey Pamphile tracey.pamphile@daemen.edu
Moderator: Cassandra Salter-Smith csalters@daemen.edu

(updated 9/27/13)

Volleyball Club (mens)

President: Ilia Gazdovich ilia.gazdovich@daemen.edu
Vice President: Thomas Aldrich thomas.aldrich@daemen.edu
Moderator: Bridgett Niland bniland@daemen.edu

(updated 2/6/13)

Wellness Club

President: Kristen Souva kristen.souva@daemen.edu
Vice President: Becky Weust rebecca.wuest@daemen.edu
Moderator: Justine Tutuska jtutuska@daemen.edu
Moderator: Shannon Radder sradder@daemen.edu

(updated 10/3/13)


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