Welcome to the Master of Business Administration Program!

Torsten Doering, Ph.D., MBA Director, Business Administration Program

Torsten Doering, Ph.D., MBA
Director, Business Administration Program

Daemen College has offered master’s degrees in business since 1999, with an already wide alumni network throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

The current MBA program, in accordance with our mission statement, is built on a liberal arts foundation. Our contemporary and interdisciplinary curriculum aims to deliver sought after skills in a flexible and convenient format. A sequence of eight uniquely designed core courses and several specializations are available to align with learner backgrounds and career goals.

Electives in the international business and leadership and public health specializations provide detailed insights and can be combined with a domestic or international internship experience.

The program culminates in a capstone course and a comprehensive strategic project related to the chosen specialization.

Our full-time and adjunct professors employ their extensive experiences in the classroom, and serve as professional resources for business and career decisions. A mix of domestic and international students in small to medium sized classes with different educational and professional backgrounds enable peer-based learning. The delivery format will consist of face-to-face and interactive online approaches. We value engaged discussions based on the important factors that drive success in a complex and dynamic environment. Guest speakers, company visits, and mini- conferences with all student cohorts are part of the curriculum.

Across campus, Daemen offers a wide range of recognized events, strong academic support and many other resources.

I invite you to be part of our exciting learning experience, to explore our website and to contact us with questions. This interdisciplinary, flexible and relevant program will be an outstanding investment in your future!

Torsten Doering, Ph.D., MBA

Director, Business Administration Program

Torsten Doering, Ph.D., MBA Director, Business Administration Program

Please contact Torsten if you have any questions.