Welcome to the Daemen College Honors Program 

The mission of the Daemen College Honors Program is to meet the intellectual needs of our best students, ensuring that their experience at Daemen College challenges their minds and fosters their potential to contribute both to the community and to society at large.

Students who have demonstrated excellence in learning can benefit from honors courses, which examine complex issues from multiple perspectives, use primary sources rather than textbooks, and present special opportunities for research. An Honors Director and Honors Council of faculty representing the major academic areas of the College oversee the program, including evaluation of student applications, program assessment, review of proposed new colloquia, and thesis oversight.

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For more information on the program, please feel free to contact us at honors@daemen.edu.

About Honors

This program meets the intellectual needs of Daemen's best students, ensuring that their experience challenges their minds and fosters their potential!     

Comprised of students ranging from every class level and department, the program strives to merge the academic and social elements of the collegiate experience into one eclectic group.  

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