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Vol. 5, Issue 2
March 5, 2014



The Multi-Cultural Association’s 1st Winter Ball!

Photos and Article By Khamel Chapman


 On February 22, members of the Daemen College Multi-Cultural Association hosted their first ever Winter Ball. Since the event was new to the community, the incentive to attend, for students, was the chance to win an iPad Mini. However, you had to be among the first one hundred people admitted to receive a raffle ticket. The event lasted for about four hours, and people began to get antsy towards the height of the night for the drawing to win the iPad. That was not enough to end the festivities, thankfully. The DJ played famous line dances, such as Apache (Jump On It) and the Cupid Shuffle, which brought people to a playful tone. As the event came to a close, Christianna Adams presented the device to an ecstatic raffle winner, Nahomy Gonzalez.  Congrats, Nahomy!


Comic Relief

By Mark Poblocki



Braving Buffalo Blizzards

By Daniel Gertis

Braving the Buffalo blizzards can be a battle this time of year for Daemen students, especially those who commute. Whiteouts and snowy roads seem to be the norm lately, making driving both unsafe and unpleasant. They create hazards, irritation, and delays that can make it difficult to arrive on time for a class that starts right after early morning rush hour. During one of the recent blizzards, my usual 10-minute commute transformed into an hour long hassle as traffic moved barely above 2 mph. Trying to learn from this experience, I took another route during the next blizzard and made it in only 20 minutes, but not without difficulties. Just as I was about to safely arrive at Daemen, a patch of black ice paired with poor breaks caused me to rear end a car in front of me at the corner of Main and Berryman. Luckily there was minimal damage to the other vehicle, but now my car suffers from a deformed hood. This served as a reminder to take extra precautions during hazardous weather conditions. Although avoiding the main roads may help bypass traffic delays, it is always important to keep in mind that other cars are driving at a reduced speed to ensure safe arrivals and minimal accidents.


Seams & Soles: MCA’s Winter Ball’s Best-Dressed

By Christiana Adams

Saturday, February 22, the Multicultural Association held its first winter ball, The Coldest Winter Ever. Not only was the event immaculate, the fashion looks were as well. All of the students in attendance looked fabulous; however, Jennifer McAlmont’s outfit really stood out to me.

Jennifer was a showstopper on Saturday by mixing the latest trends with her personal touch. I believe fashion should be fun and effortless and her outfit exemplified this theory exactly.

She pairs a green Aztec print crop top with a pink midi skirt, which gives a fun twist to the mid-length skirt trend. Her mixed color pairing is also a perfect example of the color-blocking trend; she proves it’s okay to mix match! She puts the icing on the cake with her timberland-inspired stiletto boots. This ensemble earns an A+ in my book!

Take a peek at her adorable outfit below.




____________________________________________________________________________________________ Academic Festival

By Annie Rose



Many students submit work for the Academic Festival, which takes place in April. What most people don't know is that there are many people working behind the scenes to make the event go off without a hitch.

The first part of the process is for a student to prepare an abstract, to submit it via the festival website, get approval from their advisor, and then do the work to present a poster, performance, or assessment. The conference and events office is responsible for working out the logistics of how many boards to order for posters, setting up the rooms for group performances or presentations, and the venue for guest speakers.

In addition there's a committee who chooses the art for the front and back cover of the catalog, and T-shirt art. A committee of professors reviews each submission. Those professors look at proposals in batches and may make suggestions for improvements or ask for clarifications. This year we received a record number of submissions: 197! This presents a great logistical challenge in getting everything to cohesively fit together.

What many people do not know is that there are students working behind the scenes as well. I work as editor of the student abstracts. I check submissions for grammar and clarity. Amanda Smith is responsible for the scheduling of posters, performances, and presentations. We also work on the layout and format of the catalog. We are lucky enough to get to read all of the awesome submissions before anyone else does.

The academic festival is an opportunity for students to showcase their hard work. It takes many people and hard work to make everything and everyone come together seamlessly.

Make sure to check out submissions and presentations on Wednesday April 16, 2014. 



Mock Trial

By Mark Poblocki



On March 1, Daemen College hosted the 2014 Erie County Bar Association High School Mock Trial Competition.

High school students from around Erie County came to Daemen to compete against each other in mock trials. Some came as witnesses with paragraphs of lines memorized in their head, while others came as lawyers, ready to help their witnesses and draw out the most pertinent facts in the cases. The witnesses were questioned by their own lawyers, and were cross-examined by the opposing school. 

In the morning, from 8 am – 12 pm, the teams seeded 9th to 24th competed against each other vying for spots in the top 16. Any teams that did not win were eliminated from the competition. After that, from 12-4 pm, the winning teams from the previous round and the teams seeded 1st to 8th competed for a spot in the quarterfinals.

Each trial was centered on the effects of hydraulic fracturing (hydro fracking) on a community water supply. The witnesses, evidence, and facts of the case were the same for each trial, but just acted out by different students. It was great to see the different perspectives witnesses took with their characters and how differently lawyers questioned them.

Daemen students from the Paralegal Studies and Honor’s Programs helped students and parents get to their respective trial rooms during the day. The rooms for the trial took place in the Business Building, Schenck Hall, the Visual and Performing Arts Center, and Duns Scotus. It was exciting to watch these intelligent high school students compete against each other in the courtroom and be part of such an amazing event.

The quarterfinal playoff round will be on Saturday, March 15, with the location to be announced. We wish these top eight schools the best of luck in competing for the top spot!



The Career Fair is Coming!

Register for the Career Fair by Wednesday March 12 and attend March 20 to be eligible to win one of the following:


Men's professional suit
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Click here to Register! (Please note: you must be logged into mydaemen to see the form!)


Student Registration


The faculty advisor for each student who wins one of these grand prizes will also receive a Starbucks gift card. 

Questions? Please call our office 839-8334, stop by Career Services Wick 2nd floor or email us.


Photo Page by  Terrell Chambers

The New Veterans Lounge

TGI Friday!


Game room







Sure plays a mean pinball!

MusicalFare Theatre's current production is THE WHO'S TOMMY. It runs through March 30 


Photo by: Chris Cavanagh



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