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Vol. 6 Issue 3
November 3, 2014

The Dark Side of Daemen

By Daniel Gertis



At night, you can still hear the screams of the dead twin who fell down the Curtis Hall elevator shaft. In the window, you can see a reflection of the butler who hung himself.


Curtis Hall. A former mansion that has been converted into classrooms and administrative offices at Daemen College is surrounded by a bloody history and an aura of intrigue.


Daemen students like Jessica Mark pass on stories about the mansion’s past to keep the spirit alive. According to Mark, the Hall is haunted by a pair of dysfunctional twins, one of whom died after being pushed down the elevator shaft by the other. Mark also claims the Hall is frequented by the mansion’s former butler, appearing with “a noose capped tight on his neck.”


One time, while Carly Whritenor was studying in Curtis, four lights blew out at the same time. Then the wind blew open a door that was bolted shut. Whritenor is a member of the Honors Program housed in the central living area of the former mansion.


There’s even a mysterious tunnel underneath the Hall, said Carla Hernandez, a Language Assistant at Daemen.


Curtis Hall staff confirmed that Hernandez’s tunnel exists, but security makes sure it stays off limits to students.


But not everyone at Daemen is convinced tha there are supernatural guests on campus. “I've been in that house late at night, alone, and have never felt uneasy,” said Marcy Moore, the Coordinator of Administrative Services.


Amherst public records show no indication that twins or a butler ever lived on the property. Furthermore, building records indicate that the Hall never had an elevator.


Before Curtis Hall was owned by Daemen College, it was known as the Coplon Mansion. Public records say Samuel and Rosa Coplon had the mansion built in 1918. But Rsoa died after living in the mansion for only one day. Seem suspicious? Maybe not.


“Rosa died due to breathing in toxic chemicals while cleaning the house,” Moore said. “The fumes of the bleach and other cleaners is what led to her demise.”


After Rosa’s death, the property was converted into a home for the elderly and later an apartment building, public records say. In 1956, it was purchased by Rosary Hill Collge and renovated for student housing. Rosary Hill became Daemen College in 1976.


The tales of the screaming twins and the suicidal butler live on in the Daemen community. Regardless of what the public records say, Mark believes the stories are true. “I’ve seen the faces I’ve described while walking at night across Curtis Hall,” she said.


So is it haunted? Maybe. Maybe not. But next time you think you’re alone in Curtis Hall, keep your ears open and your eyes peeled.


Ebola: What gives?

By Christine Kozlowski

On Monday October 20, Daemen hosted a panel discussion regarding the frenzied concern for Ebola, a disease that is currently killing thousands of people, primarily in the West Africa region. The countries most affected are Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. This Ebola epidemic has heightened concern for Americans, but has drastically lowered the populations of West Africa. Those most interested in discussing the impact of Ebola attended the "Ebola Crisis in West Africa 2014" Daemen event, including Dr. Joseph Sankoh, who is the Director of African Initiatives at Daemen College; Anthony Saysay, who is a Liberian refugee; and Dr. Gale Burstein, who is an Erie County Health Commissioner.

Dr. Joseph Sankoh discussed the impact of Ebola and what it is we must do to stop it. He explained that Ebola has added to the poverty of West Africa and has seized the possibilities of a bright future for West African youth. Children whose parents had died from Ebola are rejected and sent to orphanages, as most extended family members want nothing to do with those exposed to Ebola. The economy is shot, infrastructure is destroyed, and West Africa cannot overcome this epidemic without the help of outside countries. Dr. Sankoh warned that if we want to avoid an Ebola epidemic in America, we must go straight to the source of Ebola and fight it in West Africa. Billions of dollars are needed to rebuild West Africa's infrastructure and economy, but we must find investors who are willing to invest in this disease to seize it from expanding globally.

Anthony Saysay, a native of Liberia, left Liberia before the Ebola outbreak could affect him. Although he was able to escape the disease by fleeing to America, his family, unfortunately, was not. Saysay explained to the audience that every forty-five minutes, he can expect a phone call from Africa announcing all but good news. From Saysay's personal perspective, he believes that God is punishing West Africa by initiating the outbreak of Ebola, and God is the only one who can stop it. At the event, Saysay asked out loud if Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea are being punished for decades of war and killing the innocent. The only thing the people can do about this disease is pray for forgiveness, and instead of sending money to West Africa, as Dr. Sankoh had suggested, Saysay is convinced that sending prayers is the only way to stop this horrendous disease.

Dr. Gale Burstein displayed her vast amount of knowledge about Ebola at the Daemen panel discussion. As an Erie County Health Commissioner, Dr. Burstein was able to discuss and answer questions about the science behind Ebola. She warned the audience that Ebola is not an airborne disease, but can be contagious if the virus attaches itself to another's mucus membrane, such as the eye or mouth. Dr. Burstein also stated that the incubation period of Ebola is 2-21 days and that there is no evidence about how weather affects this infectious disease. Dr. Burstein made sure the concerned audience felt more at ease with the subject of Ebola by providing valuable insight and knowledge.

For those of you who missed the presentation on Ebola and want to know what you can do to help West Africa, check out the website .Doctors without Borders is an organization that works towards pioneering humanitarian work on several continents, and was recognized for its global contributions in 1999 with a Nobel Peace Prize. You may donate to this organization by following the link above, and help in the world's continuous fight against Ebola.

SA Soirée

By Mark Poblocki


On October 28, the SA Board met to discuss four budgets that were proposed to the board. First off was the Rainbow Skating Trip hosted by the Black Student Union (BSU) on November 8tat 7:00 pm in North Tonawanda. The group was asking for money for an admission fee, a bus rental, and food for the event, totaling $530. SA was wary about having an event on Homecoming night when multiple events are occurring on campus for families and students. The board also wanted to know if the group thought about having a Wick dinner prior, instead of funding for food costs. The representative for BSU stated that it would be harder to book the event on a different date, and that some students who may intend to go may not have a meal plan. With a few abstains in the mix, the board passed the budget.

Next up was Patrick Thompson representing BA 401 for the Financial Planning Event on November 12 at 3:30 pm in Alumni Lounge. Thompson discussed how the event plans to help students with future financial concerns and wanted to serve a nice buffet for the event as well as for guest speakers, totaling a bit over $600. With little question, the SA board passed the budget.

The second budget for BSU was for their Dollar Jam on November 14 at 8:00 pm in Cyber Café. The budget asked for money for a DJ, refreshments, wings and veggies totaling $580. The board was just unsure of what the actual event was. It was explained that the Dollar Jam sought to be a social event to get people out and dance. The budget passed.

The final budget was for Cynergy’s annual Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner on November 15 at 7 pm in the Social Room. The event would be $1 for Daemen students and $2 for non-Daemen students. The budget was asking for money for groceries, a DJ, pans and burners, and decorations, totaling $1,110. SA questioned the club about the need for a DJ, if the event was for a dinner. The representative, Ashley Perez, stated that Cynergy was trying to get the event more active this year, involving dancing and partying after the actual consumption of food. With a few abstains, the budget passed.

After the budgets, other representatives talked about their events, including SA’s car decorating contest on November 8, the RA hosted Haunted Carnival on the 29, as well as forums discussing sex talk and a signup to volunteer to help with recognizing the actions of veterans, the SA meeting concluded.

Hope you guys are up to date with a few more events and enjoy the rest of your week! ~Mark P, Treasurer indeed!

Getting Involved in Campus Affairs

By Annie Rose

Daemen College clubs get very creative when it comes to fund raising. Some events are fun, like Bra Pong, and some are more sweet, like bake sales and candy sales. It can be difficult to find just the right way to engage students on campus to get involved with clubs and organizations.

There are many ways to get in on the action on campus. For example, you can submit poems or short stories to the Writer’s Block literary magazine. This is a great opportunity to get your work published, especially if you plan on pursuing a career in writing, such as business, communications majors, technical writers, and copy editors. But the list doesn’t end there. Many professions these days require writing at multiple levels. Alumnus Andrea Liseno was the student editor of the Writer’s Block and was hired as a writer because of her extensive involvement in publishing during her college career. Writer’s Block even offers opportunities for artists to get in on the action. Where else can you showcase your paintings, pictures, drawings or photography other than class and sometimes on the wall in VPAC? You can be published in the Writer’s Block! The latest issue was published on October 30, 2014 and featured the art work of three artists: Kaleigh White, Whitney Boran, and Hayley Mendoza. Each artist won a gift card just for submitting their work, Plus, they get to add being published in a college magazine to their resume!

If creative writing isn’t your style, then perhaps covering news or happenings on campus is more your thing. On a daily basis there are multiple events happening on the Daemen campus, from sporting events, to haunted houses, dances, sales, Leads events, guest speakers, Mock Trial, The Golden Paddle, and field trips to fun places, just to name a few. Many people just don’t feel like leaving their dorm, or think an event will be poorly attended and they don’t want to be the only one there. So grab a friend, drag a few people along and see what the activities on campus are all about. You can just as easily hang out in your dorm as you can in a room with activities going on. Plus, if you write a quick paragraph about your experience, you can be published in this student newspaper. Earn a credit for your writing while covering fun events on campus!  

Many people worry that their writing isn’t up to par, and are embarrassed to have the campus read their writing. That’s where the editors come in. Don’t worry if you missed a comma or spelled something wrong, because the editors will fix it before it goes to print.

Many clubs on campus also have other fun ways and events for you to get involved. One club puts on a fashion show, another goes to Fright World every year, and yet another plans a ski trip! College is a time to get involved and find your special interests. Once you enter the job world, it becomes harder to pursue leisurely activities because you’re trying to build up your career. Take advantage of the fun activities now, while you have more free time, because you never know what friends and connections you will make, and you’ll always have the memories of the special time you spent having fun at Daemen College.



By Annie Rose

Campus Quad is a new App for Android and Ios users on campus. Its function is to make students aware of events on campus and to connect users like a network. It functions similarly to Twitter and Instagram. You can find out what’s happening on campus in a live feed that uses hashtags just like Twitter.

Meagan Allers is the Graduate Intern for Social Media & CampusQuad in the Office of Student Affairs. She is the liaison for Campus Quad here at Daemen. Ms. Allers is happy to meet with groups or individuals to discuss the uses and benefits of Campus Quad and how to get started. She can be reached at:

Campus Quad has many fun features, including posting events, pictures, and collecting RSVPs for events. You can check in if you plan on attending an event and see others who are also going to attend. There is a wire feed, just like a news feed, that shows what events are coming up on campus. You can post for a group or individually, and your post will delete after 30 days. It’s fun and less like email.

They are currently running a contest, until November 7, to see who can get the most followers/users. They are giving away a $100 Visa gift card!

Ms. Allers notes that ios users need to select the Iphone app, rather than Ipad when downloading the app. Once you’re in, though, it’s easy to get started posting flyers, events, and photos.

The campus quad website has tons of useful information to get you started:

Make sure you follow the Insight for many new updates!

Comic Relief

By Mark Poblocki


Inspirational Women Day at Daemen

By Annie Rose

On Wednesday, October 29, some of the women faculty, and a few students, dressed up as inspirational women and hosted an event in the VPAC. Refreshments were served, and a contest was held to guess which professor was dressed up as which inspirational woman. Some of the participants included the English Department: Dr. Shirley Peterson as a suffragette, Dr. Nancy Cantwell as author George Eliot, and Dr. Frisicaro-Pawlawski as Susan Sondheim. The History Department also had a few including: Dr. Walsh and Dr. Messinger, and Dr. Mills as Frieda Kahlo. Prizes were awarded to the students who guessed the professors and their character correctly. This fun event was a way to get the campus more involved and learn about some inspirational women in history.


Daemen College History and Politics Speaker Series Presents
Empowering a Diverse Electorate: Youth and Minority Voter Issues in the 2014 Midterm Elections and Beyond
Monday, November 3
4:00-5:30 PM
In the Wick Alumni Lounge . . .

The History & Political Science Department will host a panel discussion Monday, Nov. 3, 4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.  on  voting rights issues concerning the rights of youth and minority voters in the upcoming midterm elections and beyond. The event will be moderated by Dr. Lisa Parshall (Associate Professor of Political Science), and panelists will include Dr. Angela Diaz (Assistant Professor of History) and Dr. Jay Wendland (Assistant Professor of Political Science). Panelists will discuss the historical roots and current state of voter ID laws and other initiatives to court or restrict the youth and minority vote in light of the growing diversity of the American electorate. The event will provide students with a historically grounded perspective on the voting trends and issues that impact their political voice. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion in which students can voice their concerns as informed and engaged citizens and ask questions concerning the current state of politics. 

Dr. Diaz is a U.S. historian whose expertise includes race, immigration, and the Latin American diaspora that she will focus on, in part, in her presentation.

Dr. Parshall is a political scientist at Daemen, with research and teaching expertise that includes American politics, election law, and judicial politics. Her publications include works on the jurisprudence of Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and reform of the presidential nominating process. 

Dr. Wendland is a political scientist who specializes in voting behavior and elections, political psychology, and public opinion.

The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

Sponsored by the Department of History & Political Science.


Seams & Soles: Cirque Du Couture Fashion Show

By Christianna Adams

The African Student Association at the University at Buffalo held their 15th Annual fashion show at the Pierce Arrow Building on October 25. The fashion show was filled with beautiful designs and fashions from the African culture as well as eccentric pieces that depicted the designers' personal style. The show consisted of four fashion designers and two hair designers. The fashion designers were: Je Suis NYC, Mario & Lee, Tinz Clothing, Lief Kultuur. The hair designers included Candy land Hair Co and Asia’s Creations. Even though the organization represents African culture, they did not shy away from representing other cultures throughout the show. The show melded fashion and culture perfectly! Check out a few pics from the show below:


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