All High Art Exhibition Review

By Lauren N. Fratantonio

Currently displayed in the art gallery here on the fist floor of Duns Scotus and down the hall of the art wing are the artworks of local high school students.

Each year, artworks from students who have shown an exceptional amount of talent are sent to Daemen for the All-High Show. The artworks are then judged and awarded various prizes, such as Best Drawing, Best Sculpture and the most coveted -- Best in Show.

Best in Show went to a painting of a girl swimming, by Bethany Zakrzewski, a senior from Clarence Central School. It hangs on the back wall inside the gallery. Personally, it's not my cup of tea. I look for artwork that packs more of a punch, a wow factor, or something so unique it makes me stop and have to stare.

Bethany Zakrzewski
















Not to say her painting lacks skill. Her use of colors is excellent; they complement each other and also help the forms not get lost against one another. How she managed to depict the girl underwater, with her hair moving and the slightly blurry way she painted the face, shows she had great restraint and excellent judgment, which makes for an overall effect of being immersed that is quite believable. These factors I'm sure are the reason she won best in show. Still, there are more exciting works.

Kristen Goeller, also a senior from Clarence Central School, drew a picture of an electric guitar up-close. It's located on the back wall of the gallery, near the previously mentioned Best in Show painting. The ways the metallic parts reflect the light in her drawing are just captivating.

Kristen Goeller

Katherine Turnquist, a Junior at Panama Central, did a portrait -- with playdough! Granted, playdough is not an archival grade medium, yet it's such a creative choice. It has a sense of mischief about it. It’s going against traditional methods, yet depicting one of the most classic subjects. It can be found down the hall of the art wing in the display case across from the Graphic Design room.

Katherine Turnquist












The INSIGHT’s own Dan Stachewicz has a family member’s work in the show. His younger brother Dug Stachewicz from Cheektowaga High School has a self-portrait in the show. My friends and I in the art department think it is one of the works that really stands out. Located right next to room 140, it's painted in bright neon-like colors with black, and is reminiscent of Andy Warhol. Dug painted himself three times, with alternating colors and each portrait just like the one before it. Mind you he did this by hand. Though reproducing images like this is easy with screen-printing, by hand it takes patience and a keen eye. The colors are vibrant and of the moment, making it one of the show's most visually entertaining works, due to its relevance to our time’s present culture.

Dug Stachewicz

Other works of note are a sculpture by Aria Yancki, a senior at Grand Island High School, of two polar bears fighting and a photograph by Eric Haase, a senior at Kenmore East High School, depicting a girl in a run-down building, watching what looks like the apocalypse going on outside the window. Both artworks are located inside the gallery.

Eric Haase

Don’t just take my word for it, go and form your own opinions. After all, everyone has their own idea of what art is.

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