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Daemen's Modern Language program focuses on language fluency and cultural understanding a with career-specific focus.  Majors include a B.A. in French or Spanish. Dual /Double Majors include Language and a variety of area specialties, including but not limited to: Natural Science, Psychology, Sustainability, English, Paralegal Studies, Health Promotion, Social Work, Political Science, History, Mathematics, Business.

The coursework offered in culture, literature, linguistics, composition and professionally related language skills provides our graduates with an ability to be competitive upon graduation in a variety of career-specific fields.  View a printable information sheet.

Program Highlights

The Modern Languages curriculum offers multiple innovative tracks for majors.  

3 Degrees in 5 Years

  • Students can obtain two undergraduate degrees in four years and their Master of Public Health or Master of Social Work in one additional year.
  • A Masters in Social Work requires an undergraduate degree in any field, with three specific courses that could be completed within any discipline’s curriculum. Interested students may double up in anything and pursue the MSW.
  • Students who double in language and Health Promotion are awarded advanced standing in the Masters of Public Health program. 
  • MPH & MSW content from current site here

Dual or Double Major in Language and another Discipline

  • Language study complements all area studies and helps student meet the post-graduate expectation of multilingualism.  
  • A national trend for students applying to medical, dental, and veterinary school is to double in language and natural science, or language and psychology, depending upon the type of medical program they’re pursuing.
  • Language and everything from Sustainability, Political Science, History, English, Business, Law and Paralegal studies, Social Work, Psychology, Math, Health Care Fields, and more are smart combinations that allow students to graduate with multiple area studies and skill sets.  
  • See our information sheets for common dual / double majors.

Professional Track

  • Language Majors on the professional track explore their career interests through one or more discipline-based minors and/or interdisciplinary minors through the +PLUS Pathways. This track gives students the liberty to tailor Service Learning, Internships, and Study Abroad experiences to their career goals.

Adolescence Education Track

  • For those who seek adolescent education certification in languages other than English. As a Daemen Adolescent Education in Spanish or French major, you’ll be engaged in both language and education classes throughout your time at Daemen. Students initially concentrate on core language courses that provide them with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of Spanish or French through real-life assignments both in and out of class. Education classes prepare students to have the confidence and preparation for a career in education.  Our curriculum prepares students for successful completion of the Bilingual Education Assessment Exam.    

About Our Program

Lucy Connery

Spanish & Health Promotion

Lucy Connery, a dual-degree student studying Spanish and health promotion, has taken advantage of many of the opportunities Damen offers. Her fluency in Spanish presented her with the opportunity to coach and tutor Daemen students and study abroad in the Dominican Republic. Lucy is a resident assistant at the Campus Apartments and often holds programs that assist students with skills needed to succeed at college.

Lucy will complete her Spanish major and begin graduate classes for her master’s degree in health promotion. She’ll complete two theses-- one for each program. Her Spanish thesis will be a meta-analysis and her health promotion thesis will focus on childhood obesity within the Spanish culture.

Information Sheets

Community Health Global Business Human Resource Management Paralegal

For more information, contact Dr. Kevin Telford, Chair of the Modern Languages Department, at