Paralegal written on a dry erase board

What is a Paralegal?

When a legal matter emerges, an entire team of legal professionals is assembled to resolve a matter whether it's a lawsuit, an estate matter, or a driving violation. A key part of any legal team is the Paralegal. Paralegals are professionals who have specialized legal training and perform a wide array of legal services on behalf of a lead attorney, often representing them in lower court, in depositions where legal parties give testimony, and in preparing documents.  



Changing Times: Are Paralegals the Answer?

MARGARET PHILLIPS, J.D., is assistant professor and director of paralegal studies at Daemen College wrote the following piece that appeared in the Buffalo Law Journal.

As members of the legal profession we have been very careful about who gets to practice law — us and only us. We are licensed by our state, and the way in which we obtain our license and maintain our license is carefully prescribed by state regulations. Additionally, every state has a statute prohibiting the “unauthorized practice of law.”