College of Health Professions logoThe Scott Bieler College of Health Professions seeks to better the health of individuals and communities by educating ethical content experts and clinicians, and incorporating interdisciplinary best practices into curricula, research, and service.

Greg Ford PT DPT PhD
Greg Ford PT DPT PhD

Founding Dean, Scott Bieler College of Health Professions

Welcome to the Scott Bieler College of Health Professions (SBCHP)! SBCHP is home to Daemen University’s departments of Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant Studies. Within this college, you will be prepared for your chosen career in the medical profession while developing into creative, ethically-minded leaders.

Below please find the Scott Bieler College of Health Professions Mission and Vision statements including our guiding Values and Principles.


It’s not difficult to find stories of the tremendous impact nurses have on our world. Our programs are designed to help you make a difference.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Learn the latest industry knowledge and skills to provide the best care and tools for patients to heal over time, or manage their condition for an overall better quality of life.

Physician Assistant Studies
Physician Assistant Studies

Graduates are essential in many areas, including doctor’s offices and hospitals, and provide vital aid in surgery, family practice, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and much more.

Mission & Vision of the Scott Bieler College of Health Professions

The Mission of the Scott Bieler College of Health Professions is to cultivate a diverse community of intrinsically motivated, compassionate future healthcare leaders who embody the values of diversity, equity, and acceptance. We achieve this with a faculty who model academic and professional excellence and with a commitment toward advancing the fields of healthcare through the creation of an inclusive, collaborative, experiential learning environment to promote health and health equity. Our graduates emerge as innovators, poised to address healthcare challenges with empathy, creativity, and determination.

Our collective Vision of the Scott Bieler College of Health Professions is to be a leader in high quality interprofessional collaborative healthcare education, inspiring its graduates to be agents of positive change in the ever-evolving healthcare environment, and in the lives of every patient with whom they interact.

We are dedicated to the Values and Principles of:


We create an environment where individuality is welcomed, respected, and supported.


We cultivate relationships in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared values to educate and support future healthcare professionals to plan and deliver safe and effective patient care.


We show empathy and concern for the well-being of others.

Ethical Practice

We practice reasonable, responsible, and transparent behavior acting without bias to ensure equitable access to education and patient care.


We practice and promote the highest standard of quality performance in education and care of individuals.


We encourage and support creativity in contemporary pedagogy & ingenuity and resourcefulness in patient care.


We exhibit appropriate behaviors and adhere to an established code of conduct.


We offer our talents and skills toward the betterment of communities.

By upholding these values and principles, the Scott Bieler College of Health Professions seeks to lead the transformation of healthcare education and practice, producing graduates who are not only competent healthcare professionals, but who also are innovators seeking to increase healthcare accessibility for all, in the pursuit of improving the human experience.