When a legal matter emerges, an entire team of legal professionals is assembled to resolve a matter whether it's a lawsuit, an estate matter, or a driving violation. A key part of any legal team is the Paralegal. Paralegals are professionals who have specialized legal training and perform a wide array of legal services on behalf of a lead attorney, often representing them in lower court, in depositions where legal parties give testimony, and in preparing documents. Whether you are filing legal documents in court or with the County Clerk, listening to testimony or performing research, there are many different roles for a Paralegal.

Paralegals take specialized law courses that prepare them for the practical aspects of supporting attorneys in legal matters. Legal topics such as:

  • Contracts
  • Criminal law
  • Litigation
  • Family law
  • Real property law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Environmental law
  • Legal research and writing are some of the courses available to students.

In addition, all Paralegal students have the opportunity to perform an internship in a Paralegal-type placement under the supervision of a practicing attorney. For those interested in additional hands-on experience, you may work with our refugee program to provide legal support to attorneys working for the rights of individuals who are new to this country.

The demand for Paralegals has grown, and students who are well-prepared can begin an exciting career immediately. These legal courses can be taken as electives as well for students with other majors who desire to have a unique or more complete set of skills within their fields. Those who wish to go on to graduate school or law school will find themselves well-prepared with hands on training in specific legal protocols.