The primary role the Institutional Research Office is to support the efforts of Daemen University to engage in data-informed decision-making and planning in multiple areas of institutional functioning including academics, enrollment management, and student services. 

Institutional research activities and publications

Some of the specific activities and publications for which the Institutional Research (IR) Office is responsible include the following.  

Daemen Factbook: The IR Office produces an annual Factbook containing a wide range of institutional data. 

Common Data Set: The Common Data Set collects various types of institutional data that are shared with various proprietary organizations which produce college guides, e.g. US News and World Report, the College Board, etc. 

Survey results: The IR Office coordinates the distribution of certain campus-wide student surveys, and publishes a summary of survey findings. For more information, please click on the sidebar. 

Research Briefs: These are brief research reports on specific topics of institutional research. For a list of recent Research Briefs, please click on the sidebar.  

Enrollment reports: The IR Office maintains a summary of current enrollment as well as historical enrollment trends.

Persistence rates: The IR Office also maintains a summary of retention rates and graduation rates for various populations of students. For more information, please click on the sidebar.

IPEDS: The IR Office publishes occasional reports from IPEDS (the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System), a branch of the National Center for Education Statistics which collects data annually from all institutions of higher education in the United States. The reports can be accessed by clicking on the sidebar. 

Need more information?

Please reach out to our office with your specific data requests and projects. To submit a data request, please use the IT Helpdesk ticketing system available on MyDaemen.

Institutional Research Staff

Leah Walsh
Director of Institutional Research