Undergraduate Minors

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Complement and enhance your major area of study with one of the following minors offered by the English Department.

Professional Writing

The Professional Writing minor prepares students for writing in 21st-century workplaces.  Two fundamental courses (CMP 217: Principles of Rhetoric: Persuasion & Argumentation and CMP 301: Professional Writing) provide students with introductory background in rhetorical studies and workplace genres.  Students then select two courses from a range of coursework in writing for traditional media, new media, creative expression, or promotional purposes.  Students will also study formal elements of the English language necessary for proofreading and editing and complete an internship in a related area to practice their professional skills.


The Literature minor begins with a foundational course, LIT 101: Introduction to English Studies, which prepares students for subsequent work in the department, providing context for other courses and a crucial grounding in the core skills of close reading, research, and writing. Students will also explore different ways in which a degree in English can lead to a variety of professional and personal opportunities.  Beyond this, a student may complete the minor with 15 additional credits in LIT courses, for a total of 18 credits.

Public Relations

The Daemen Public Relations minor prepares students to develop communication skills valued in a range of professional fields: media relations, copywriting, public relations, and marketing. Required courses (9 credits) engage students in professional writing practice essential to communicating in today’s fast-moving media environment. Six additional credits (6) provide students with foundational knowledge in Business Marketing and Management, providing a context for contemporary PR and Marketing practice. The minor culminates in a 3-credit Public Relations internship which encourages students to put their knowledge into practice and boost their professional qualifications prior to graduation.

Literature and Composition

This minor combines the analytical and interpretive skills gained in LIT courses with the rhetorical, drafting, editing, and revision skills acquired in CMP courses.  Students take at least 6 credits in LIT and at least 6 credits in CMP for a total of 18 credit hours.  Both sets of courses emphasize research skills, but in different ways, resulting in a minor that gives students a breadth of research skills, interpretive frameworks, and modes of writing.