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Why minor in French or Spanish?


French is an official language of 29 nations, including the USA’s #1 trading partner, Canada. French is spoken in France, Switzerland, and Belgium in Europe, in Senegal, Ivory Coast and other nations in West Africa and Haiti and several Caribbean islands. With a French Minor, you will have the linguistic and cultural skills to interact with almost 400 million people worldwide in international business, social services, health care and health policy, hospitality, education, and law.

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With 45 million Spanish speakers in the US and another 400 million speakers in Europe, Latin America and Africa, students with a Spanish minor are well positioned to enter their career with the language and cultural proficiency necessary to communicate with their Spanish speaking clients, patients, students, and co-workers both at home and overseas. International finance and retail, social services, education, media and public relations, travel and tourism, health care and public policy all have high demand for Spanish skills. Heritage speakers may apply for the accelerated Spanish minor. 

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Contact: Dr. Kevin Telford, French
Contact: Dr. Melissa Fiori, Spanish

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