Student Experiences

Current Students 

  • Elaina Dickinson and Meghan Nowak have been assisting in an Entrepreneurship program in a depressed neighborhood that helps budding entrepreneurs learn about business. They have helped the participants develop their business plans and provided financial advice in the start-up phases.
  • Tina Chow is president of Daemen College ENACTUS Chapter and has managed a project teaching middle and high school students paper bead making so that they can start small businesses
  • Matthew Daddario spent a semester in Italy taking courses in culture, history and language.
  • A number of Accounting students have been recognized for their academic ability through scholarships and awards.
    • Elaina Dickinson ’17, Brittany Stock ’16 and Dawn Hoang ’15 received awards from the NYSSCPAs for outstanding academic achievement  
    • Justing Knapp ’16 received the Herbert B. Eckert scholarship
    • Brittany Stock ’16 and Michelle Hahn’16 received scholarships from Lumdsden and McCormick, LLP
    • Zachary Kinnaird ’17 and Brittany Stock ’16 earned the NYSSCPAs scholarship

Accounting Graduates

  • Dale Demanynick and Louis Cecone are Partners in Lumsden & McCormik, LLP.
  • Matt Pokigo works as an auditor for New York State, coaches golf and recently started a multi-passenger bicycle company, Consumer’s Craft Cruiser, with a friend showing accountants can do just about anything.