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Meghan Guhler ‘16 Running
Meghan Guhler ‘16

Running one marathon is tough, but imagine running one every day for six days. That's exactly what Daemen University alum Meghan Guhler ‘16, Physical Therapy, did in May. We spoke to Meghan about MS Run the US and what the experience meant to her.

Tessa Wisniewski‘17, ‘19 and her husband standing on a shoreline with a bear and mountains behind them
Tessa Wisniewski ‘17, ‘19

Imagine setting a goal of visiting all 63 US National Parks and all 50th states and doing it only in 3 years?! That’s exactly what Daemen University alum Tessa Wisniewski‘17, ‘19, Physical Therapy, did recently with her spouse Anthony Chiarmonte. We spoke to Tessa about traveling for the last few years and what it was like.

Julia and Dillon Coughlin
Julia (Kittell) Coughlin '17 and Dillon Coughlin '20