College Transitions

Differences Between High School and College 

High School College
Classes meet daily Classes rarely meet daily
Students see teachers everyday Students see faculty 1-3 times a week
Tests given frequently Tests given 2-4 times per semester
Attendance is a legal requirement Attendance is strongly urged, but voluntary
Textbook oriented Note-taking oriented
Teachers stay on campus all day Professors may leave campus early to do research
Students live at home Students may live away from home
Students have long-established friendships Students must make new friends
Buses take students to school Many students provide their own transportation
Students are dependent on parents Students learn to be independent
Students follow predetermined schedules Students create their own schedules
Homework is regularly graded

Homework is assigned and evaluated differently by each faculty member

The state provides an education Students/Families pay for college
Students seldom choose the school Students choose the college
Limited freedom and responsibility Enormous freedom and responsibility
Students are of the same age group Students cover all age groups

Most teachers have a master's degree and are addressed as Mr. or Ms.

Most professors have a doctorate and are addressed as Dr. or Professor