Elise Stalker has been chosen for our inaugural Alumni Spotlight profile. Elise graduated from Daemen as a Psychology Major in May, 2015. Since then, Elise has been a student in a competitive Masters Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). This 3 year program consists of two years of academic classes and 90 hrs per semester of practicum work. During her final year, Elise will complete a paid internship and will graduate with not only her Masters Degree but also an Advanced Certification in School Psychology. 

Elise's studies focuses on learning specific tools for the assessment of children to investigate their cognitive, academic, and social-emotional well-being. In addition, Elise is learning about the principles and practice of counseling, as well as evidence-based academic interventions, behavioral analysis, and the legal and ethical aspects of the field of school psychology. 

The faculty in the department could not possibly be more proud of all that Elise is accomplishing in her graduate work. We are thrilled to have been a part of her preparation and journey towards professional success. Elise has noted that her time at Daemen was an asset in her graduate level preparation. She has said, "I am so thankful for everything I learned at Daemen because it set me up for success here at RIT. Daemen provides such a diverse program I was able to take classes I found to be interesting that led me down the path I am on now, with the help of my academic advisor who ensured I was staying on the right path for my career goals."