Global & Local Sustainability, B.A.

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Due to heightened public interest, job growth for environmental specialists is expected to increase by 8 percent from 2020-2030.

Help shape the future by learning to create and apply sustainable solutions to help balance social, environmental, and economic needs.

Program Benefits

  • Daemen's global and local sustainability program is supported by an extensive network of community partnerships with social justice goals, including environmental non-profit organizations and green businesses.
  • Students can study abroad in more than 20 countries and work on impactful community projects.
  • Students learn ethical, proactive, and creative approaches to improve communities through social entrepreneurship training.
  • In just four years, sustainability majors can also earn a second major with our double up degree options in areas including modern languages, business or paralegal studies.
Woman kneeling down on a beach picking up plastic water bottles and putting them in a bag
Experience Study Abroad

All students complete a study abroad experience, and have access to unique opportunities offered by our international partners and U.S. consortia partner institutions.

While abroad, students engage in a community project, including marketing plans for fair trade goods, community water installations, early education in indigenous communities, sustainable agriculture, sanitation and hygiene education, and graphic design promotion for community campaigns.

Career Outlook

Daemen sustainability graduates can pursue careers in many areas, including environmental and health sciences,  business, and law.

Graduates can also further their studies with Daemen’s Master of Public Health, or other programs in green building technology, environmental law, sustainable business, entrepreneurship, urban planning, architecture, holistic medicine and conservation biology.

Popular career options by industry

Green industry
  • Green builder
  • Green Product Design
  • Green Hospitality Sector
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Global Health Educator
  • Health Policy Activist
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Public Health Officer
  • Director for Community Agriculture Initiatives
  • Policy analyst
  • Energy management officer
  • Environmental educator
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental scientist
  • Energy auditor
  • Recycling operations manager
  • Conservation scientist
  • Climate change policy specialist
  • Environmental/social lobbyist
  • Community resources coordinator
  • Grants officer
  • Environmental justice organizer
  • Community planner
  • Green marketing
  • Materials life cycle analyst
  • Environmental economist
  • Sustainability officer
  • Sustainable designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Environmental arts director
  • Media and communications project manager
Kenzie Reynen Mahan, ’14

Global & Local Sustainability, B.A

Kenzie Reynen Mahan, ’14

Project coordinator at Indiana University School of Medicine Pediatric Research

Program Specifics

Double up degree options

Within four years, sustainability majors can also earn a second degree with our double up degree options in the following areas: