Corporate Alliance

The Corporate Alliance partnership offers credit-bearing courses to local businesses or organizations wishing to send individuals through a program designed to meet specific organizational needs. This method allows the faculty and employees/students to focus on unique company issues, policies and challenges to frame the course content.

The corporate alliance can be delivered in flexible class meeting formats with the exact course schedule being tailored around the company's time frame.

A local CEO, who attended the Corporate Alliance with his executive team, had this to say: 

“Participating in Daemen’s Leadership and Change corporate alliance program has helped me become more effective as a business executive and as a member of various charitable and civic boards in the Western New York community. It’s not a learn-for-tomorrow degree; it has given me the skills I need in today’s complex global society to facilitate the changes necessary to grow and thrive”.

Business or institutional representatives interested in more information about the Corporate Alliance should contact Christina Coyle at or by calling 716-839-8342.