Study abroad expands the walls of Daemen University and allows students to broaden their global understanding, intercultural communication, cultural knowledge, and worldview.  

Study Abroad
Did you know that 73% of employers say study abroad is important when evaluating candidates? 

Study abroad expands the walls of Daemen and allows students to broaden their global understanding, intercultural communication, cultural knowledge, and worldview.  The Global Programs office (GPO) specializes in study, internships, and service learning opportunities abroad.  We believe every student can enjoy academic, professional, and personal benefits by going abroad during college. GPO offers innovative international opportunities in over 40 countries including a menu of International Seminars, giving students the chance to travel with Daemen faculty while completing coursework. Students of all majors are able to integrate study abroad into their Damen career during a semester, summer, winter break, as well as spring break.

Roof top photo of Warsaw Poland
Alec Karcher- Poland

Alec Karcher, a psychology and history major, often overheard his friends discuss their study abroad experience. The second-year Daemen student knew that if he wanted to study in different parts of the world, he simply had to make the time to pursue traveling.

Palm trees in Dominican Republic
Elizabeth Renner- Dominican Republic

Elizabeth Renner found herself in a small village in the Dominican Republic unable to speak the language, unfamiliar with local customs, and without her family. And yet she felt confident and prepared to tackle her service learning commitment through Daemen’s Study Abroad Program.  

Entrance to a temple in Thailand
Study Abroad: Thailand

Daemen pre-vet students Lizzie Potalivo and Samantha Garcia spent two weeks in Thailand working with professional veterinarians. The students were selected as part of a team that worked with both rescued elephants and dogs in need of care.

Lumesh Kumar touching and elephants trunk
Lumesh Kumar

"Traveling to Thailand was such an eye opening experience-- it makes you see that there is so much more to life outside of the United States. I can't thank Daemen College enough for the chance to study abroad and to complete a service learning project while in Thailand.  It must be true what they say, Daemen College is a world of opportunity. "

Monica Schubbe holding a baby in Thailand
Monica Schubbe - Thailand

It’s not often that American students get to work alongside a two-time Nobel Prize nominee and bathe an elephant during the course of a work week. Daemen student Monica Schubbe, a physician assistant major, had these opportunities while studying abroad in Thailand.