Alec Karcher: Poland

Alec Karcher, a psychology and history major, often overheard his friends discuss their study abroad experience. The second-year Daemen student knew that if he wanted to study in different parts of the world, he simply had to make the time to pursue traveling.

“My friends told me about the exciting places they studied, including Italy and Thailand,” said Karcher. “I worked with Global Programs and found a three-week trip to Poland that I knew would be perfect for me.”


Three weeks abroad was the perfect amount of time to explore Warsaw, Krakow and Przemysl. Professors taught students both inside and outside the classroom about the area’s rich history.

Karcher said, “The lectures, tours, and socializing were incredibly interesting. In addition to visiting and exploring several areas in Poland, visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Belzec death camps in Eastern Poland was incredibly humbling.”

Connecting with students at Jagellionian University in Krakow was also a highlight of the trip.
“We met students from around the globe who took the time to show us around,” said Karcher. “They provided us with a unique perspective regarding education and studying abroad in Poland.”

Karcher felt that studying abroad initiated preparedness for the future.

“It takes a certain type of fearlessness to leave home and travel to another country,” said Karcher. “The opportunities to create interpersonal relationships while learning about the host country should motivate anyone to study abroad.”

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