Welcome to the Department of Academic Service Learning!

How to register for a service learning class:

The Process

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to decide on an appropriate service learning course. Each advisor already has a copy of the classes offered, service sites, and registration session dates and times.
  2. Attend a scheduled registration session to learn more about the different opportunities, choose your class and site, and attain the petition needed to enroll in the course.
  3. Register for the service-learning course on Web Advisor.

Service Learning is a form of experiential learning that engages students in service activities which address human and community needs. Designed to promote student learning and development, service learning connects students to the community by integrating academic curricula with active participation in service, offering structured opportunities for students to reflect on their experiences, and striving to ensure that the service placements are mutually beneficial to student learners, the agencies served, and the community as a whole.

It is the philosophy of those committed to the service learning effort that valuable learning at the university level can take place both within and outside of the classroom. The goal of Daemen University's service learning program is to provide opportunities for students to become engaged learners and informed citizens while addressing a myriad of social, economic, educational, and environmental problems faced by disadvantaged populations and communities on a daily basis.

Daemen University is a proud member of the Western New York Service Learning Coalition (WNYSLC) – a collaboration of colleges, universities, and community organizations committed to sharing resources, knowledge, and practices related to service learning in an effort to strengthen campus-community partnerships and promote student engagement in the community.

Learning While Giving 

In 2003, Daemen University revised its core curriculum to include a 60-hour service learning requirement for all undergraduate students. Each academic year, hundreds of Daemen students contribute thousands of volunteer service hours to Western New York and other communities in need. Daemen’s nationally recognized program places students (individually or in groups) in short- and long-term service learning projects and activities. All activities complement the classroom instruction students receive in their service learning course which includes a reflection component to help students internalize their service experiences and realize enhanced personal learning, growth, and civic awareness. Students can choose from a variety of for-credit service learning courses which address everything from contemporary social problems and civic involvement to access for individuals with disabilities and how to help community sustain and thrive.