Each year, Academic Affairs collects information about the professional achievements of Daemen's full-time faculty, such as publications, presentations, awards, grants, professional service to one's field, etc. Information provided may be included in Daemen's annual "Scholarship & Excellence" brochure, which serves as a celebration of faculty accomplishments and a promotional piece to share with visitors, job candidates, donors, and colleagues at other higher ed institutions. All content is reviewed and, if necessary, edited by the provost and the academic deans.

Faculty are encouraged to report recent achievements. The form can be used throughout the year and it can be filled out more than once. Hard copies of the brochure are published in early fall for the previous academic year for the time frame of July 1 to June 30. 

Note that faculty and staff scholarship is also represented in the Daemen Digital Commons, maintained by the library. Links or PDFs are provided to articles, book chapters, and books as well as public scholarship items that may include items such as podcasts, interviews, and op-ed.