Dr Brogan and student

Academic Organizational Structure

This component of the University is comprised of all academic departments and support offices and is responsible for maintaining the highest quality learning experience for Daemen students. An integral part of this commitment to excellence in student learning is the dedication to implementing the University's mission statement. To fulfill its mission, Academic Affairs constantly explores the proper balance between substantial innovation and important traditions. These offices and departments provide the leadership for the development of academic programs that carefully integrate a core curriculum emphasizing select skills and competencies with a major area of study to enable students to live productive and rewarding intellectual, personal, professional and civic lives.

Academic Affairs accomplishes its goal of graduating students ready to meet the profound challenges of life by providing a learning experience centered on the individual student. Students work with faculty to realize dreams, to cultivate the intellectual and practical skills necessary for personal fulfillment and professional success, and to develop a sense of responsibility for the health and well-being of the local, national, and global societies in which they live.