Registrar’s Office

Location/Contact Information

Duns Scotus Hall
Rooms 123, 120

Phone: 716-839-8214
Fax: 716-839-8343

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Evening hours held at various times throughout the year. Consult the Academic Calendar for details.


  • Tiffany Shadden, Registrar
  • Stefanie Lizauckas, Associate Registrar
  • Mary Dormer, Assistant Registrar
  • Rimma Nisnevich, Senior Data Specialist
  • Brittany Collins, Degree Audit and Articulation Analyst
  • Christina Fuller, Degree Audit and Transfer Analyst
  • Audrey Hernandez, Records/Registration Assistant
  • Kim M. Petry, Records/Registration Assistant
  • Rachel Twardowski, Records and Data Specialist
  • Giovanna L. Anzelone, Records/Transcript Processor
  • Jeanette Foti, Administrative Assistant

Departmental Mission

The Registrar and Registration offices strive to: provide excellent service to all factions of the College Community; extend such service in a helpful and welcoming manner to all constituencies; retain accurate and efficient records systems which safeguard the privacy of records; disseminate information to users as is appropriate; conduct all business by implementing fair and ethical practices.