With concern high regarding safety and public health, Daemen College takes social responsibility and our commitment very seriously to keeping our college community and the greater community safe. For that reason, Daemen is cancelling Academic Festival 2020.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during what continues to be an unprecedented and fluid situation. As always, our decisions will continue to be made with the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and the greater community in mind.

The Daemen College Academic Festival brings us together on campus to celebrate the academic and creative achievements of Daemen students.

The Festival centers on student presentations to the campus and community, showcasing academic excellence and achievement through presentations, exhibitions, and performances. These presentations may reflect work done in a single discipline or be interdisciplinary in nature, and include posters, papers, panel discussions, exhibits, videos and artistic, musical, or theatrical performances. In some disciplines, you will see final capstone projects and/or research.

2017 Academic Festival Slideshow

2017 Academic Festival