The Student/Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Think Tank works to support joint faculty/student research. The Think Tank aims to promote a deeper commitment by students to research and to facilitate both student and faculty research agendas. Funding is available for faculty and students working jointly on research. The guidelines are outlined below. If you have an idea for a project and would like to explore this further, please contact Dr. Michael Brogan, Vice President of Academic Affairs.


  • Funding opportunities submitted to Dr. Michael Brogan, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean of the College, for final review and potential approval.
  • July - May of each academic year, with rolling deadline subject to available resources. 
  • All submissions and related expenses should be submitted no later than May 15 within each fiscal year funding cycle.

Proposal Guidelines

Formal Research Proposals & Budgets should include:

  • Project title, names of researchers and participants (faculty and students)
  • Detailed description, including why this is important and anticipated results of the research effort
  • Projected budget for materials and related research supplies
  • Article - each proposal should result in a work capable of being published electronically, no later than the second Monday of June. The results and analysis of each project should be sent electronically to the VPAA. Each paper needs to be between 5-25 pages and include a summary of no more than one page. The authors retain the copyright.
  • All approved Think Tank projects are also to be presented at the annual Academic Festival on campus, held each April.