Teaching and community service are part of the heart that keeps Daemen University ticking – another key component is research.

Research is carried out here on a host of different fronts – spanning an innovative student/faculty think tank, to a high-profile wound therapy initiative that’s truly making a difference. General research projects that include an enormous diversity of interests are showcased annually in the college’s increasingly popular Academic Festival, held each spring. The entire campus stops what it’s doing, so that a light can shine all day on the diversity of special research projects in which the student body, and faculty and staff, are actively involved.

The Student-Faculty Interdisciplinary Think Tank falls under the general concepts of sustainable communities, civic engagement, and historical & cultural preservation – resulting in research projects that make a measurable difference in our community, whether close to home or half-way around the world.

Outstanding research progress is being accomplished through Daemen’s Center for Wound Healing Research, funded, in part, through grants and contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense. Students and faculty work tirelessly to improve the lives of those who suffer from chronic wounds. Opportunities for human subjects research provide valuable experiences for students in a variety of departments.