Daemen’s Interdisciplinary Program recognizes that many fields of study—and divergent student interests—often do not have exclusive, inflexible boundaries. There is overlap in many academic pursuits—and frequently there should be. Much of scholarship, and the world of work, involves an overlapping of knowledge bases and skill sets. There’s an interconnectedness to so much today, most especially as we aspire to and adopt a more informed, global worldview.

To meet this need, Daemen University offers and promotes an exciting Interdisciplinary Program that encompasses Cooperative Education, Environmental Studies, Forensic Studies, Individualized Studies, International Studies, and Military Science (ROTC). Our Cooperative Education program, for example, assists in placing students in a wide range of internships – integrating academic studies and field experience. Environmental Studies finds an interesting interdisciplinary approach that melds, for example, a major in History & Political Science with a specialization in environmental studies.

Daemen’s Interdisciplinary Program speaks to the crucial need for today’s students to be culturally oriented, professionally trained, and conversant in a rich mix of disciplines, skills, and experiences.

Interdisciplinary Program Options