A Unique Added Value Opportunity

+PLUS Pathways:

Plus Program FlyerThe +PLUS Pathway enhances the Liberal Arts degree with academic and experiential learning that readies you for employment or graduate school. The +PLUS Pathways are fully integrated into the individual curriculum with no additional time or cost. Focus your Core and free electives in an interdisciplinary series of six to ten courses designed to prepare you to apply your critical thinking and written and spoken communication skills to your future professional goals.

+plus clusters:

+plus clusters consist of three courses focused on a theme. The +plus clusters may explore one academic discipline in depth or they may have an interdisciplinary focus on a related topic. These clusters of courses offer a rich Liberal Arts experience for students in all programs and are specially designed to focus the choice of electives to expand career options and enhance your degree. By concentrating your Core Electives in a +plus cluster you will be aware of the links between the humanities, natural and social sciences, fine and performing arts and your personal and professional goals.

LIberal Arts Based Education
How Valuable is a liberal arts-based education?

Liberal arts classes help provide students with critical skills for sustained professional success.

For more information contact Dr. Denise Mills, Coordinator of Integrated Programs at dmills@daemen.edu.