Community Development Plus Program FlyerWhy +PLUS Community Development?

  • Students will gain a background in policy, human resource management, communications, and diversity.
  • Graduates are prepared to work with a diverse population in the U.S. and globally.
  • Graduates possess cultural skills that are highly prized by multi-national companies and organizations.
  • BA Graduates have intermediate level language skills in Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish

Explore your World of Opportunity

  • Daemen offers exciting and affordable study abroad options. You can spend a year, semester, summer or January term in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe or Latin America.
  • Experience working locally or abroad with a professional internship.
  • Local service learning opportunities include agencies that serve immigrant or refugee communities, as well as agencies working with environmentally sustainable options for growth.
  • Spend a semester in our nation’s capital with the Washington Internship Institute.

Career Options

Graduates with a +PLUS in Community Development will complete a minimum of 24 hours of development related coursework, along with their major and complete a local or international internship at no additional cost or time to graduation.

With academic and experiential courses linked to coursework in political science, management and planning, and a specialization in WNY Development or Sustainable Development or Global Development, graduates will be poised for entry-level employment with private sector, governmental and non-profit agencies at the global, national and local levels in areas of administration, research, training, and organizing.


Review the required courses for all tracks and select one of three tracks: WNY Development Track, Sustainable Development Track, and Global Development Track. Other courses may be allowed with the approval of the Director.

For more information contact Dr. Lisa Parshall.