+PLUS Pathways: Social Sciences

Social Sciences Plus Program FlyerWhy +PLUS Social Sciences?

  • Students will have a multi-disciplinary approach to the HOW and WHY of human behavior.
  • Students develop a breadth of understanding of the intellectual, emotional, social, political, cultural and economic features of human interaction.
  • Graduates with a +PLUS in SOCIAL SCIENCE demonstrate an extensive awareness of the complexity of human behavior.

Explore your World of Opportunity

  • Local service learning opportunities enhance the practical application of your coursework.
  • Experience working locally or abroad with a professional internship.
  • Daemen offers exciting and affordable study-abroad options. You can spend a year, semester, summer or January term in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe or Latin America.
  • Spend a semester in our nation’s capital with the Washington Internship Institute.

Career Options

Professional internships and clinical experiences will be enhanced.
With academic and experiential courses in several social sciences, graduates will be poised for admission to graduate programs or employment in Health Care, Business, and Education in the private sector, governmental and non-profit agencies.
Graduates are prepared to work with a diverse population in the US and globally.


  • The +PLUS in Social Sciences requires SEVEN courses (21 credits)
    • Coursework must be from at least three different disciplines
      • Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women’s Studies
    • No more than three courses in any one discipline
    • Only one course with a HST/WST rubric permitted
    • HST/WST approved courses are:
      • HST/WST 215 Introduction to Women’s Studies, HST/WST 216 Women’s Worlds: Global
      • Issues in Women’s Studies, HST 331 Research Methods & Historiography,
  • AP credit in American Government or Psychology may be applied to the +PLUS Social Science

For more information contact Dr. Jay Wendland.