Community Health Promotion Plus Program FlyerThe field of Health Care encompasses knowledge and abilities from many disciplines. Critical thinking and research skills, clear and focused written and spoken communication, creative problem solving, and personal and professional interaction with a diverse population are highly desired by employers. Add this +PLUS to your Bachelor’s degree to direct your academic strengths and talents to the growing field of Community Health.

Why +PLUS Community Health Promotion?

  • Combine your passion for learning with your commitment to making a difference!
  • Career options include governmental and non-profit agencies at the global, national and local levels, health insurance companies, community health, private industry and educational agencies.
  • Graduates are prepared to work with a diverse population in the U.S. and globally in a variety of healthcare related fields.
  • Students can participate in community health-related service learning or internship.
  • Local service learning and internship opportunities include working with agencies that serve diverse populations.
  • As part of a strong Liberal Arts education, students will gain a background in the sociological, behavioral and economic aspects of health care.
  • Students who maintain a 3.0 GPA are fully prepared for application to our Master of Public Health program.

Explore Your World of Opportunity

  • Accompany Health Promotion, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training faculty and students for community health service learning in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Kenya during January term or spring break.
  • Daemen offers critical world languages – Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish – as well as exciting study abroad opportunities in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean related to global health issues.


Review the required courses and additional courses below (21 credits). Other courses may be allowed with the approval of the Director.

For more information contact Justine Tutuska, Health Promotion.