Requirements for Poster Presentation

The Poster Session will be held in Lumsden Gym from 9 - 10:30 AM. Posters will be mounted on large exhibit boards (free standing). The Poster Session runs 1-1/2 hours and consists of individual posters displayed around the room. You should stand next to your poster and be available to answer questions about your project. After 10:30 AM, posters remain on display until 2 PM so people can spend more time looking at them. Pick up your poster promptly at that time.


  1. a visual element : a poster with images, a video, a painting, a collage, etc. The visual should attract attention and should offer an image that communicates your topic to the audience.
  2. a written element : a handout or descriptive text mounted on your poster, a detailed explanation of your project for the benefit of the audience.
  3. a verbal element: you must be present during your session to discuss your project with members of the audience.

We recommend that posters be created in PowerPoint using this template, and submitted to the Daemen Printing Office for printing. The deadline to submit final proofs for printing is 4:30 PM on Friday, April 17, 2020. Please send to Posters cost $50, and will receive $10 off if the final proof poster is received by Friday, April 17. Posters will be 36" x 48" maximum size (the printer prints 48" maximum in 1 dimension). We will provide pins or thumbtacks for display boards provided at the Festival. Further information about templates and costs will be sent to you. Posters should be easy to read and not crowded. Be selective and save non-essential, but interesting information for the informal discussion.


  1. Title
  2. Author(s) and major(s)
  3. Main body. Because each poster will be viewed from a distance of 2 or more feet, it is recommended that the largest possible type or bold-face be used for the following sections:
  • Introduction
  • Discussions, Methods and Results
  • Illustrations, in either tabular or graphic format, should be used to support the major points and be clearly identified.

Science or psychology majors may prepare posters according to professional requirements or APA format.

For questions on poster sessions, contact Brenda Young.

View some poster examples