How to Change Behavior Using Science

Starting a new year can lead to exciting new possibilities to create positive change in our personal and professional lives. In this panel discussion, explore how to use behavioral science to create better outcomes for ourselves and for others. We took a look at creating improved outcomes in the workplace, in social justice, and in individual or therapeutic situations. 

Did you know that the use of behavioral science can help create supportive environments to lead to and encourage improved outcomes for ourselves and others? The best way to use behavioral science is through the frame of the culture within which you will use it. The science of behavior is more accessible now than ever and many schools and workplaces are using the science of behavior in their training and professional development activities. 

Sponsored by graduate programs and the Applied Behavior Analysis program at Daemen College, listen in on this virtual event and enjoy insights from our panelists as they share thoughts on how to change behavior using science.

Meet the Panel