The Power of Social Media

January 28 | noon - 1:30 p.m. EST
Zoom Panel Discussion Virtual Event Via YouTube

How influence and connectivity shape our world

Social media connects us in ways previously unheard of. Multiple platforms allow marketers to learn about customers and pitch what they have to offer, tailoring their products and services to the needs and interests of an engaged audience. Purposeful outreach and honest, authentic, inspirational, and aspirational content is now seen as essential to make connections with consumers meaningful, lasting, and real, and to in many cases, make the sale.

Gaining perspective from consumers from social media while creating engaging content that is seen as genuine and true to a mission is key. But, it certainly isn’t easy. Some say social is a science, while others, an art form. The science of social media provides marketers with the insight to make it an art form. In its ideal form, it's responsive, creative, and able to bridge the gap between virtual and physical spaces. Companies are learning to evolve quickly, keep their ear to the ground, and reconfigure their marketing strategies at a rapid pace to reach new and younger audiences. Attention spans are limited, but when done right, taking advantage of timely opportunities with strong content, marketers can grab an audience  

There are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, spending an average of three hours per day engaging through social networks. Strategically implemented social media content has the potential to be the most powerful form of marketing and market analysis of our era  

So, how do we leverage the power of social media in authentic and engaging ways?  

In the sixth installment of our virtual panel series, Daemen College will analyze the topic of utilizing social media to connect with others, build a brand or a culture, execute marketing tactics, and more. Our panelists will discuss the power of building communities, disrupting often archaic standards and how expanding representation is transforming what the cultural aesthetic is.

Join in live on the discussion to learn more about the undeniable force of social media today and into tomorrow. Sponsored by graduate programs at Daemen College, listen in on this virtual event and join our panelists as they share their outlook on what’s next in the social media landscape and how to stay in tune with the ever changing online world.

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