Women hold only 7 percent of the world's government leadership roles, but are drawing praise for their skillful navigation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Women also comprise the majority of frontline healthcare workers globally, making them vital in tackling this public health crisis. Many women are also juggling working remotely, home life, personal relationships, parenting, homeschooling, caring for family members, their emotional and physical health, and more during the new normal. 

As women navigate through this global public health crisis, many are affected disproportionately hard as work and personal responsibilities and the demand for their time has increased. Working women are facing many new challenges during this unprecedented time, from childcare to navigating changes for college students to ensuring the well-being of their older loved ones. 

Perhaps it is time for great change and a culture shift, but what might it look like?

This unique panel discussion between a diverse group of professional women will address women and work in our new normal, diving into subjects such as work/life, leadership, social and public policy that affects women, and more. Join in live on the discussion to chat about your life and work during the coronavirus crisis, and what your experience has been thus far. Our diverse panel members will weigh in and look toward the future and how we can find success as we navigate the challenges that life throws our way.

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