We recognize the important role that family members and supporters play in our students' lives, and we encourage everyone's support as the student begins to make decisions about their life after Daemen.

  • Encourage your son or daughter to visit the Career Services website to get information on internships, jobs, career assessments, resume and cover letter help, and networking events.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to schedule an individual career counseling appointment.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to take advantage of our drop-in hours where he/she can meet with a Career Services Advisor or a Career Peer Coach who are trained to assist fellow students with career exploration, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and job search strategies.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to explore career interests and develop his/hers skills outside the classroom.  We can assist him/her in obtaining full-time employment after graduation, internships, part-time or summer employment, and community service opportunities.  Many of our students have benefited from self-assessment inventories, or by meeting with a Career Advisor.
  • Talk to your son/daughter about the importance of informational interviewing and networking.  You can encourage him/her to connect with Daemen College Alumni through our Mentoring Program, and attend networking events hosted by Career Services.
  • Listen to your son/daughter as he/she talks about his/her academic coursework and experiences in the workplace. Initiate conversations about the transferable skills they will acquire during their years at Daemen College.

Career Planning Includes

  • Developing self-awareness of interests, skills, and values
  • Researching careers
  • Developing contacts
  • Gaining exposure and experience
  • Developing marketable skills
  • Learning job seeking skills

Services & Resources

  • Career Counseling:  We provide individualized assistance for students who want to clarify career direction or determine occupations of interest.  A computerized assessment system and other assessment tools help define career preferences.
  • Mock Interviews:  During simulated interviews, we critique verbal and nonverbal communication skills and offer tips for improvement.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Critique:  A staff member reviews the content and appearance of resumes and job search correspondence and offers suggestions.
  • Workshops:  We offer programs to assist with career planning, job search skills, and applying for graduate and professional education.
  • Career Resource Library:  We maintain a comprehensive collection of books and directories to help students research career options and identify potential employers.
  • Graduate School Assistance:  A staff member can meet with a student to provide information on the admission process and tips on how to prepare for entrance examinations.

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