Our Mission

The mission of the Daemen College Paul A. Saffrin Center for Sustainability and Civic Engagement is to provide education and resources to the Daemen community and the community-at-large on issues of social, economic and environmental sustainability. We are dedicated to promoting a life-long commitment to civic responsibility among Daemen students, faculty and staff through a focus on building assets for future generations.

The Paul A. Saffrin Center for Sustainability and Civic Engagement is supported by Daemen College and works to:

  • Facilitate partnerships with the Daemen community and underserved communities
  • Develop active, safe and thriving communities for future generations
  • Enhance student problem-solving skills and respect for diversity
  • Promote the value of service-learning in the college curriculum
  • Inspire global citizenship, increase social justice and improve economic viability
  • Respond to the needs of a changing environment by preserving precious resources

Our Vision

We envision the Paul A. Saffrin Center for Sustainability and Civic Engagement as a catalyst for the development of synergy and trust among several underserved communities within the city of Buffalo. We will respond to the challenges of preservation and stay current on issues and trends in sustainability research and conservation practices. As a platform for change, we will increase access and equity by building self-sufficiency and dissolving social barriers.

Our Values

As members of the Daemen College community and an increasingly complex world, we recognize the importance of:

  • Listening and responding to our neighbors’ needs
  • Collaboration and cooperation among organizations
  • Exposing our students to a wider world
  • A strong recognition of the positive assets of diverse neighborhoods
  • Community interconnectedness and development of relationships
  • Environmental consciousness

In the past, we have received grants through these generous donors: Erie County Youth Bureau, The Providence Foundation, KeyBank, M&T Bank, Office of Sustainable Development and Intergovernmental Affairs, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

For more information, please contact:

Kristen Luppino-Gholston, Director

Justine Duquette, Assistant Director
(716) 566-7877
DS 226

Service Learning
(716)-839- 8487
DS 226