Daemen’s board of trustees has full authority to manage and direct the property, affairs and business of the college. These powers and duties include, but are not limited to, the granting of degrees, appointments to and removals from offices, and approval of the annual budget.



Thomas P. Stewart, '74


Milsport Medical, LLC

Vice Chair

Catherine M. LePage-Campbell, '84

Vice President, Operations

Centene Corporation


Richard J. Day


Hiscock and Barclay, LLP

Ex Officio

Gary A. Olson


Daemen College



David Anderson

President and Chief Executive Officer

HealthNow New York Inc.


Gary M. Bichler

Owner and Partner 

R&P Oak Hill Development, LLC 


Caroline Hassett Buerk, '59

of Counsel at Phillips Lytle, LLP

Audre Bunis

Retired Executive

Robert M. Chur

President and CEO

Chur Companies, NY, Inc.

Dale B. Demyanick, '79


Lumsden & McCormick, LLP

Jed E. Dietrich

Owner and President 

Dietrich Funeral Homes, Inc.

Dennis Elsenbeck

Head of Energy and Sustainability

Phillips Lytle, Energy Consulting Services

Dorothy Ferguson


Ferguson Family Foundation

Alan Gracie


Freed Maxick C.P.A., P.C.

Donald B. Hutton


New York New Jersey Rail, LLC

Hratch Karamanoukian


Vein Treatment Center

Seymour H. Knox, IV


Knox International, LLC

Gail Y. Mitchell

Assistant U.S. Attorney

Western District of NY

Dorothy Mueller, O.S.F., '66


Sisters of St. Francis


Thomas M. Reynolds

Senior Policy Advisor

Holland & Knight


Paul A. Saffrin


Vanocur Refractories LLC

​Shandra Spicer

President and CEO

Spicer Group

Jeffrey Wellington

Regional President

Buffalo Division of M&T Bank

Arthur G. Wingerter


Univera Healthcare

Wayne D. Wisbaum


Kavinoky Cook, LLP

Edith Wyss, O.S.F., '66

Provincial Minister

Sisters of St. Francis

Brenda Young

Professor and Director of Global/Local Sustainability

​Daemen College


John R. Yurtchuk

Chairman and Owner, Calspan Corporation      

​President, Matrix Development Corporation


JoEtte Zaccagnino


​Portfolio Manager




Trustee Emeriti

  • Martin J. Anisman, President Emeriti
  • Thomas W. Bowen*
  • Thomas Brydges 
  • Adrian F. Dedecker, Jr.*
  • Leonard Greenfield*
  • Edward P. Gueth, Jr.*
  • Nedra J. Harrison
  • Peter F. Hunt
  • William W. Kimmins, Jr.*
  • Charles L. Lumsden*
  • Lynn Millane
  • Milton Milstein*
  • Henry J. Nowak
  • Gregory M. Oehler
  • Jean R. Oshei*
  • Joan Ellis Shatkin*
  • M. Angelice Vogt, OSF*
  • Paul A. Willax

* Deceased