General Business Specialization 

The unique feature of the business administration degree with a specialization in general business is the flexibility it provides students in their selection of upper-division business courses to obtain a business degree. Just like all other business students, they are required to complete the courses in the business core, however, unlike the other specializations in business, students in general business are free to choose, subject to advisor approval, any upper-level business courses to fulfill their upper division requirement.

Program Highlights

  • In addition to learning all facets of business including economics, management, organizational behavior, accounting, marketing, law, and international business—our program prepares you for the most important issues facing business leaders today including, diversity ethics, and global management.
  • Available minors in over 50 areas including sustainability, entrepreneurship and many more.
  • An emphasis on the development of students’ interpersonal and written communication skills. 
  • Students work collaboratively with others in a variety of settings that help them contribute positively to their local and international business communities.
  • Specialization-related internship experiences supplement classroom knowledge, build professional interpersonal skills, develop liaisons with the business community, and provide concrete, resume building work experience.
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15 credits in business electives selected with advisor’s approval.

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