Complement and enhance your major area of study with one of the following minors offered by the Business Administration Department.

E-commerce and Web Design 

The future of e-commerce and web design is bright. That's why this minor focuses on the foundations of practical marketing and web design skills, as well as current and future business trends and practices.

Students learn visual communication concepts, marketing principles, and the language of technology to create and maintain highly effective e-commerce websites to capture buyers’ attention and obtain their business.

Consisting of five classes, including one in entrepreneurship, this minor combines offerings from both the visual and performing arts and business administration departments to offer the integrated mix of in-demand skills that employers seek in today's job market.

  • IND/CA125 - Visual Literacy as stand-alone (fall) OR ART 103 Foundation Design 1 (spring) 
  • ENTR 201 - Entrepreneurship w/ social media component or lab [project may be the marketing of the minor in itself] (every semester)
  • MKT 210 - E-Commerce
  • MKT 312 - Promotional Strategies (prereq would be MKT 209 or 210)
  • ART 320 - Web design