Entrepreneurial skills are in demand among employers and help graduates build their own businesses.

Effectively and creatively implement successful business ventures to shape your community, and drive the economy.

Program Benefits

  • Develop interpersonal and leadership skills with this interdisciplinary minor that complements any major.
  • Learn how to develop a new business and gain familiarity with planning, financing, and launching a venture.
  • Present original entrepreneurism concepts at 43North, one of the world’s largest business competitions.
  • Become acquainted with the many resources available in the local emerging entrepreneurial culture.
  • Explore and refine new venture concepts with peers, faculty, and professionals in the field.
  • Gain an entrepreneurial skill set with a significant emphasis on collaborative and creative learning, in addition to a more directed study of business methodology.
  • Generate the vision and action necessary to discover new, unique opportunities.
  • Learn to identify challenges and implement creative and innovative solutions.

Students have the opportunity to present their original entrepreneurism concepts at 43North, one the world’s largest business competitions. They receive feedback from practicing entrepreneurs and 43North staff to gain real world experience.

Past ideas have included a fashion line of modular apparel, water treatment system, augmented reality training device, profile page for high school athletes from small towns looking to be recruited, and student-to-student textbook selling and purchasing platform.

Career Outlook

Students pursuing the entrepreneurship minor explore many different structures such as non-profits, technology or social startups, and corporate entrepreneurship. They develop business plans to support their interest in numerous fields.

Popular careers options include

  • Map of the US with the text 'Small businesses drive innovation and competitiveness, and create two-thirds of net new jobs in the U.S.' written on itBusiness owner
  • Not-for-profit fundraiser
  • Business manager
  • Business development expert 
  • Sales manager
  • Business consultant
  • Management analyst
  • Business reporter

Program Specifics