The format of the Virtual MBA Conference (VMC) includes a focused presentation and several virtual breakouts around interdisciplinary real-world problems with in-depth debriefing hosted by a regional organization. The overall idea of this reoccurring VMC event is to (1) focus on business trends and special interest topics, (2) learn from and connect with regional business leaders, and (3) to get all of Daemen's business masters students together as one group.


The DataSure24 hosts discussed factors that organizations should take into account when it comes to cybersecurity. In October 24th's conference, the topics ranged from industry-specific compliance requirements, legal ramifications, and financial considerations that can adversely impact businesses. Real-world case study examples, including details on how individual companies were affected by a cybersecurity breach, were analyzed.

Presenter Bios

Mark Musone is the Chief Technology Officer at DataSure24, where he is responsible for the oversight of and direction of all technical teams and services. Mark has extensive security experience in performing CISO or equivalent activities for the federal government. For over 18 years, Mark has performed independent IV&V for the Department of Labor to ensure compliance and best technical practices.

Max Winterburn is the Director of Business Operations at DataSure24. Max graduated in 2018 with an M.S. International Business from Daemen College, after graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Sustainability

Zoom of conference participants
Ransomeware methods
Cyber Risk Response
Zoom of conference participants
Threat Weakness
Tony Carducci
Tony Carducci

"I liked that we broke out into groups and solved real problems. It was cool to apply what was learned with an example."