Criminal Justice, B.S.

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Criminal Justice opens doors to in-demand careers

Graduates will be equipped for careers in local, state, or federal government; law enforcement; forensics; crime lab/crime scene analysts; correctional counseling/correctional treatment; victim advocacy; intelligence; and public safety analytics. Criminal Justice also prepares students for graduate education, law school, and the civil service exam.

The Criminal Justice (B.S.) program prepares you to enter the field through flexible academic tracks that allow for a customizable educational experience based on your interests. Take foundational coursework in Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Psychology, and choose an area of specialization in forensics, mental health, or criminal law and critical legal study. Develop interdisciplinary research skills to prepare for the senior capstone and practical skills to enter internships and the workplace.

Male student with blue lanyard and backpack smilingA B.S. in Criminal Justice prepares you for graduate study or to enter the broad field of criminal justice with a deeper understanding of the social, political, psychological environments in which you may serve.

Program Benefits  

  • Individualized program plans prepare students to enter criminal justice and related fields or to continue on for graduate education
  • Interdisciplinary faculty committed to student success
  • Flexible, transfer friendly program welcomes returning adult learners
  • Collaborative research experiences and senior capstone
  • External partnerships for internships and immersion experiences
  • Generous free electives enable students to pursue applied training in law enforcement (police academy)

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates will be well-trained criminal justice professionals with a strong liberal arts background, prepared with a deeper understanding of their political, psychological, and social environments.
  • Graduates will be able to critically apply core criminology and criminal justice principles to situations related to crime, criminal justice, and related areas of practice.
  • Students in this program will understand the research methodology used in the study of criminal justice and the application of research to real-world environments.

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