Daemen QM Essentials LogoWith five fully online programs, Daemen has embraced Quality Matters (QM) as our commitment to quality assurance in online education and student learning. QM is nationally recognized for its faculty-centered approach to continuous improvement, working with institutions to implement rubrics, tools, and practices that promote research-supported and practice-based quality standards.

Daemen University achieved QM Essentials Internal Review Recognition in 2021, through the strong commitment of many faculty and staff members. The Daemen QM internal review requirements were developed by a Quality in Online Education Committee (QOnEC), approved by the Educational Policy Committee, and implemented by the Office of Instructional Design.

QM Reviewers who completed the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) training include:

  • Diane Bessel, Social Work & Sociology
  • Ashley Brehm, Behavioral Science
  • Josette Brodhead, Nursing
  • Elizabeth Campbell
  • Kelly Castle, Instructional Design
  • Melissa Fiori, Modern Language
  • Grace Huff, Accounting
  • Vicki M. Knapp, Behavioral Science
  • Deb Merriam, Nursing
  • Dennis Poepsel, Psychological Sciences
  • Peter Schilke, Instructional Design
  • Sally Smesko, Natural Sciences
  • Laurie Walsh, Paralegal Studies
  • Laura Watts, Visual and Performing Arts

Three faculty members completed additional training to become QM Peer Reviewer Certified (PRC):

  • Michelle Hickman, Behavioral Sciences
  • Martha Kershaw, Nursing
  • Veronica Valazza, Nursing

In the Office of Instructional Design, QM Coordinators include:

  • Peter Schilke, Director of Instructional Design, Co-chair of QOnEC
  • Angela Stockman, Instructional Designer, QM Review Chair, PRC, AFFC

Daemen’s dedication of time and resources to QM will foster a culture of continuous improvement by providing benchmarks for courses to meet QM Standards, identifying course design improvements, and facilitating a peer review and certification process. At present, the university continues to roll out Quality Matters by making APPQMR training available in-house to all interested faculty and administrators.