Amee Sprague

Hometown: Falconer, NY

Major(s): Physical Therapy

Graduating Year: 2026 (B.S.), 2028 (DPT)

Why did you choose Daemen?

Daemen felt like home from the first minute I set foot on campus. I also fell in love with my program and the obvious dedication that the Physical Therapy department hold for the program and its students.

In what ways are you involved on campus?

I'm a tour guide, a member of Cru, and a Sigma Omega Chi sister :)

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

Never be afraid to pursue your dream career 

What excites you most about being a tour guide?

Meeting prospective students and getting to show them around Daemen

What is your most memorable moment at Daemen?

Joining Sigma Omega Chi

How has Daemen changed or shaped your life?

I finally feel like I truly belong on campus and being involved in so many opportunities has helped me grow as a person.  There's always something happening on campus, making it easy to learn about so much without even realizing it.

Who inspires you the most?

My grandfather, even though he passed away in 2018, he always encouraged me to follow my dreams and never give up on myself.  The lessons he taught me as a child still stick with me today and I know that he's always with me, even though he's not physically next to me.