Matilyn Lovely

Matilyn Lovely

Hometown: Colton, NY

Major: Psychology and Physical Therapy

Graduating Year: 2026 (B.S.) 2028 (DPT)

Why did you choose Daemen?

I choose Daemen University because of the community across campus. If you ever need help with anything there are so many resources to go to and so many people willing to help you in any way they can. 

In what ways are you involved on campus?

I work as a tour guide on campus as well as working in Student Affairs, I also play intramural sports on campus.

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

Advice that I would give to a prospective student is to be open to new opportunities. Daemen has so much to offer and so many chances to get involved with something new that you may end up loving. 

What excites you most about being a tour guide?

The most exciting thing about being a tour guide is being able to talk to students and answer any questions that they may have about campus and my experiences here.

What is your most memorable moment at Daemen?

My most memorable moment at Daemen was painting mugs with my roommates for during Winterfest and taking them home to make hot chocolate.

How has Daemen changed or shaped your life?

Daemen has really shaped my life and shown me how to balance life and work. 

Who inspires you the most?

The person that inspires me the most is my grandmother.