Daemen student Katelyn Schaeffer

Katelyn Schaeffer

Hometown: Westminster, MD

Major: Physical Therapy

Graduating Year: 2022 (BS) 2024 (DPT)

Why did you choose Daemen?

Daemen felt like a home away from home, and I knew it was somewhere where I would feel comfortable to grow into the person I am today. 

In what ways are you involved on campus?

Tour Guide, Orientation Leader, Student Worker.

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

Ask questions about things like favorite places on campus to hang out, fun events that happen on campus, or ways to get involved; the college experience is more than just taking classes and studying!

What excites you most about being a tour guide?

Getting to show prospective students and their families all of the things that I love about Daemen.

What is your most memorable moment at Daemen?

Sledding down the hill on the side of Canavan with my suitemates and other people from our floor.

How has Daemen changed or shaped your life?

Daemen has made me step out of my comfort zone and given me the opportunity to become a better student, leader, and person in general.

Who inspires you the most?

My parents; their work ethic and drive continually inspires me to be the best version of myself and to work hard to achieve my goals.