Jacob Kaska

Jacob Kaska

Hometown: Lancaster, NY

Major: Adolescence Special Education Generalist

Graduation Year: 2023

Why did you choose Daemen University?

After visiting Daemen for an open house, and seeing the great programs for education, and also seeing how welcoming the environment was, it was an easy choice.

Why did you choose your present major?

I have a brother with a disability, so working with people with special needs has been what I have been doing for my entire life. 

Please describe your academic experience at Daemen. 

College is difficult and a major adjustment, but it is all worth it.

Do you live on campus? Please tell us about your on campus experience.

I currently live on campus in Canavan Hall. I love living on campus, it really completes the college experience. Gaining that sense of individuality and personal responsibility will really help anyone in their respective futures.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to find a job in a local school as I would like to stay in Buffalo. 

Do you have a favorite campus activity?

TGIF and using the new basketball court. I’m also excited to see what is done with it in the future for events.